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You may wonder why I chose the name PositiveVines for my venture. For me a good bottle of wine shared with friends and family is one of the most positive things that I can do! I love sharing my experiences, a good meal and a good bottle of wine.

Even if you aren’t a lover of wine or don’t drink, come along with me on this journey.

A little about Diane of PositiveVines:

I am a Master Gardener in the state of Texas, WSET 1 certified, wife, mother and lover of great foods and wines! I’ve learned through my experiences that everyone can appreciate wine no matter what their budget. While some of the best varietals can be quite expensive remember that you can get a great wine for everyday drinking or special occasions at great prices. For the past 3 years, I have been an active participant in the Wine Blogger’s Conference where I learn something new each year about grape varietals. 

I have combined my love of agriculture and wine starting out as an independent wine sampler for a variety of vineyards, bottlers and spirits vendors. I am a grape harvester and have a background in the use of chemicals in agricultural technique for the elimination and minimization of pest issues. 

Each sampling experience will be posted here so that you can learn about some great wines and the people behind the production of the wines.

Contributing Team Members:

Nate Roberts – Editor

Editor, Co-Writer and Winery Traveling Partner

It’s been a great journey learning about the vast varieties of wine and working with my wife providing technical content review. In 2018, I attended my first Wine Blogger’s Conference and with Lewis Perdue’s class learned much more on how to support this blog.

Quintin Todd Agnew, II – Chef Datman’s

Culinary wine and food pairing expert


Strolling through Texas wine Hill Country

Strolling through Texas wine Hill Country

I love traveling. To hear my husband describe it, I have some seriously "itchy feet". When the weather starts to warm up, I like to jump in the car, head for the Texas Hill Country, spend time exploring new wineries and visiting the old favorites. A lot has been...

Fiola Mare – Where Exceptional Wine, Food and Service meet

Fiola Mare – Where Exceptional Wine, Food and Service meet

Fiola Mare - courtesy of the restaurant I’m an explorer who loves to seek out new venues to taste exceptional wine and food pairings. During a recent trip to visit one of my daughters in Washington, DC, I had the opportunity to enjoy 3 delicious wines each with unique...

Northeastern Thai meets South America

Northeastern Thai meets South America

Today, I’m going to share a wine and food paring experience blending two different regions of the world. It was just about 10 years ago when I was first introduced to Thai food. I was instantly drawn to the complexity of the cuisine with richness in spice and texture....

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