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Day 3 at the Wine Bloggers’ Conference

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                                                                                                            Martin Ray Winery Barrel Storage   Another great conference on the books! On day 3 I finished up the conference with sessions related to enhancing your...
Day 2 of the Wine Bloggers’ Conference – Speed Dating with White Wines

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                                                                                                 Andrea Robinson – Master Sommelier Day two of the Wine Bloggers’Conference was a whirlwind starting off with a rousing welcome from Allan Wright of Zephyr...
Ready, set Go! Off to the Wine Bloggers Conference!

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San Francisco Bay – my road to Santa Rosa Fresh from a 4-day intensive technical conference in San Francisco, off I headed to Santa Rosa to hang out with 333 of the best wine bloggers in the industry. 2017 was the 10th anniversary of the conference starting out...