Argentinian Malbec – Quality and Richness in every sip for Malbec World Day 2017

“Tradition, Authenticity and Innovation.” – principles of Pascual Toso


April 17, 2017 is Malbec World Day! This is the perfect day to learn about the development of exceptional Malbecs from Argentina which is thought to be the most important and impressive grapes grown in this country and some of the richest Malbecs in the world.


Many of you may not know that until the late 90s, Argentina was considered a producer of lots of lower quality wines. It wasn’t that the wines weren’t loved by Argentineans. It was that Argentinean winemakers were hampered by instability in political and economic instability. A new climate in the twenty-first century opened greater business opportunities. With new learnings brought back to Argentina from friendships and studies in the United States, this country started on the path to not only elevate the quality of production of wines but, to also look to surpass their South American neighbors.

                                                                                         Pascual Toso Cellars

Pascual Toso established a winery in Las Barrancas in the 1890s. As an immigrant from Piamonte, Italy he did not originally set out to become the owner of a prestigious winery. I recently sampled the Pascual Toso Malbec 2015 ( as part of a sampling from a local beverage store that I found to be a full mouth of easy to drink, velvety Malbec that reflects the high quality of Malbecs grown in the Mendoza region.

PositiveVines Helpful Hint: The Malbec stock was brought to Argentina in the 1830s from France. Better selections arrived in the 1890s and this is the varietal that today’s best winemakers use to produce world class wine.

The 2015 Pascual Toso Malbec is an estate wine with a wonderful violet bouquet on the nose. This Malbec has tastes of cherry and blackberry with a smooth lingering licorice finish. Pascual Toso Malbec has light tannins with a mild taste of oak and vanilla. It is true to color with similar Malbecs in this price category, with a deep inky purple color.


At an average of $13.99 per bottle this Malbec is great to pair with red meat dishes and heavier white pasta sauces. The depth and complexities of the wine open up when paired with food. This is a good everyday Malbec that can be enjoyed immediately or can be stored for 2-3 years to allow for maturation. Grab a couple of bottle today and enjoy Malbec World Day!


Remember to drink what it is that makes you truly happy and always think positively!


               Drink Responsibly!

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