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Argentinian Malbec – Quality and Richness in every sip for Malbec World Day 2017

“Tradition, Authenticity and Innovation.” – principles of Pascual Toso   April 17, 2017 is Malbec World Day! This is the perfect day to learn about the development of exceptional Malbecs from Argentina which is thought to be the most important and impressive grapes grown in 

Zin Zen Wine Bistro – A Neighborhood Jewel in McKinney

“Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather and a little music played out of doors by somebody I do not know.” – John Keats Prior to Prohibition, much of the wine consumed or made in the United States was done so in warehouses that 

Sancerre – the original Sauvignon Blanc

CELEBRITIES, consumer brands and countless TV shows are deemed successes or failures based in part on their “Q Scores,” which measure familiarity and mass appeal. If wines were accorded similar ratings, I’m certain that Sancerre would top the list.” – Lettie Teague, The Wall Street Journal.

The appellation of Sancerre, in the Loire Valley of France features the Sauvignon Blanc varietal that is herbal without being overpowering. Sauvignon Blanc grown in this region is earthy with a hint of smokiness and shows balanced acidity offering a floral bouquet. This is a prime example of the imprint of terroir on the development of flavors in a grape varietal. I recently had the privilege of sampling Domaine de la Perrière Sancerre ( Susan Cosgrove from Pasternek wines generously provided this sampling opportunity.

Sauvignon Blanc is native to this part of central France. Domaine de la Perrière Sancerre is smooth with a hint of peach and citrus.

The nose on this Sancerre is quite delightful. Mild hints of acacia and herbs make it a very inviting white wine to drink alone and with a variety of foods. The Domaine de la Perrière Sancerre is supple and does not require pairing with food to enjoy the full benefits. If you do decide to pair it with a meal, I would recommend seafood, chicken, and goat cheeses as a few to consider.  

Domaine de la Perrière Sancerre is grown in a region where caves make it possible to age these delicate wines in natural coolness. It is fermented in stainless steel casts and aged on fine lees for 3 months before bottling. This Sancerre is right for drinking immediately after bottling or aging for 3-4 years.  

Positivevines Helpful Hint: Sur lie is a French term meaning to lay a wine on the lees. Wine lees are leftover yeast particles. Lees that result from the break down are allowed to settle in the bottom of the fermentation tank. As this break down continues small amounts of sugars and amino acids are released back into the wine and provide a slight hint of natural sweetness and acidity.

Domaine de la Perrière Sancerre scored 92 points in Decanter which puts it the Highly Recommended or Silver category. I like the fact that it is not a particularly complex Sauvignon Blanc but, a balanced offering with citrus and a peach balance while maintaining the herbal quality that Sauvignon Blanc varietals are known for. Domaine de la Perrière compares very well with other white wines from the Sancerre area in popularity. These are restrained wines not shouting out the boldness of the Sauvignon Blanc varietal but, inviting the drinker to experience the beauty of terroir associated with central France.

Your local wine store should be able to locate a few bottles of this wine for you. Averaging $19 a bottle, this is an affordable offering.

Remember to drink what it is that makes you truly happy and always think positively!

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