Month: August 2017

Bottega Louie – Mixology renaissance in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles

“A mixologist serves drinks, a bartender serves people–many of my favorite bartenders can’t make a good drink, while some of the best mixologists in America can’t carry on a conversation.”- Jim Meehan Traveling feeds my soul and on every trip I try to either find somewhere new to share or visit a favorite 

New Zealand Chardonnay – Villa Maria Vineyards and Winery

My second wine in the Villa Maria tasting series is a Chardonnay from the Marlborough region of New Zealand – the 2015 Single Vineyard Taylors Pass Chardonnay (     New Zealand has two islands that cover 1000 miles and 11 wine regions. The Marlborough 

Rosé in the Nation’s Capital

Washington D.C. is known for having some of the best food and mixology professionals in the country. They congregate here in the nation’s capital to take advantage of the beauty of diversity, late nights, parties and people clamoring to enjoy life and networking.
During a recent trip to D.C., I came across a trendy wine bar and bistro called Slate in the Glover Park neighborhood. Slate is welcoming and located in a walkable area of D.C. Elizabeth Banker is the creative genius behind this wine bar and bistro that features a vast selection and new and old world wines. Friendly and knowledgeable staff welcome you to Slate. Catchy sayings abound on the various boards near the bar. Since it was early July and I came to Slate midafternoon on a warm Saturday, I decided to try Chef and Sommelier Danny Lledó’s flight of rosé wines from Spain, France, California, and Long Island New York.
The first wine that I sampled was the 2016 Castano Monastrell Rosé ( This rosé is a fruit-forward wine with a pleasant pink color. The Monastrell varietal is the Spanish name for the Mourvèdre grape varietal found in France. This grape is thick-skinned and features lots of black fruit flavors. True to form the Castano Monastrell rosé has cherry and raspberry flavors. There is a fresh floral nose to the rosé and very well-balanced acidity. I would enjoy this wine with a variety of summer foods including lighter cheeses, chicken and salads.
The second rosé that I sampled is a 2016 St. André Figuiere Rosé ( This wine hails from the rich rosé producing traditions of the Côtes-de-Provene region of France. It is a medium bodied wine that has tastes of strawberry and orange zest. This rosé is a blending of Cinsault, Syrah, and Cabernet Grenache varietals. The St. André Rosé is light pink in color with bright acidity that hits the tongue.

Slate Rosé Flight

The 2016 Elizabeth Spencer Rosé of Grenache was third on the flight list ( This rosé featured a long finish with lots of mineral flavoring. The pink coloring featured a floral nose and tastes of strawberry, raspberry, and citrus zest. The long finish on this California rosé make it a great pairing with summer fish and chicken dishes.
The last rosé in the flight is the 2016 Wolffer Estate Rosé Table wine from Long Island, NY( The coloring on this rosé was one of the more unique in that it was a very light salmon color that didn’t give away any hints about the flavors featured in this wine. The Wolffer Rosé features flavors of peach and pear with balanced acidity. This rosé in the flight had the greatest number of blended varietals – Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Riesling. A variety of light summer foods and cheeses would pair well with this wine.
Make it a point to visit Slate if you live in D.C. or are visiting for work and fun. The rosé flights that I sampled were well balanced and approachable. Don’t leave without taking advantage of the food that Slate also features as a 2017 winner of the Dinner’s Choice Award.
Remember to drink what it is that makes you truly happy and always think positively!
Drink Responsibly!
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