Deepening the flavors of grapes

Cecilia Beretta Vineyards courtesy of Corney and Barrow

In vino veritas – in wine there is truth
Ancient Romans believed that wine makes people tell the truth. It does. The rich flavors, relaxing nose and enticing levels of alcohol have been known to loosen the tongue.
A not so well-kept secret among foodies who want great food at value prices, is the wine section of Trader Joe’s grocery store. I like to visit it at least once a month to see what new treats are available at reasonable prices. The variety of wines is extensive and if you are willing to experiment, there are jewels to be found under $20 per bottle.
A recent find is Soraie Vento Cecilia Beretta red wine. The Cecilia Beretta winery is a small Pasqua family run operation near Verona in North-East Italy. The 2015 red wine blend is a combination of four grape varietals produced from partially dried grapes. This red blend has a cherry nose with a nice palate of fruits with hints of spice. Medium tannins give this red a round mouthfeel with hints of acidity providing a velvety touch.

Soraie Veneto Cecilia Beretta IGT

When to Drink: Now
Alcohol Content: 14%
Varietals: 40% Merlot, 30% Corvina, 20% Cabernet, 10% Croatina
Food Pairing: Beef, Pork, Heavy Poultry Dishes, Heavy cheeses
Average Selling Price: $8
PositiveVines Helpful Hint: using partially dried grapes is an Italian process known as the appasimento technique. This technique allows the grapes natural sugars to becaome more concentrated.
Stop by Trader Joe’s and pick up a few bottles of Soraie Vento Cecilia Beretta red wine. Don’t disparage this offering because of the price. This is a good solid value wine. If you enjoy Italian wines with hints of spice, this value priced bottle is great for sharing with friends and everyday drinking.

Remember to drink what it is that makes you truly happy and always think positively!

Drink Responsibly!

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