Welcome to my 1st Blog in my Wine Journey

Welcome to my 1st Blog in my Wine Journey

Welcome to the first post from PositiveVines!

You may wonder why I chose the name PositiveVines for my venture. For me a good bottle of wine shared with friends and family is one of the most positive things that I can do! I love sharing my experiences, a good meal and a good bottle of wine.

Come along with me on this journey. If you aren’t a lover of wine or spirits, give it a try. You may find something that you can give as a gift or learn to enjoy.

A little about Diane of PositiveVines:

I am a Master Gardener in the state of Texas, wife, mother and lover of great foods and wines!
I’ve learned through my experiences that everyone can appreciate wine no matter what their budget. While some of the best varietals can be quite expensive, remember that you can get a great wine for everyday drinking or special occasions at great prices.

I have combined my love of agriculture and wine starting out as an independent wine sampler for a variety of vineyards, bottlers and spirits vendors. 

I will post sampling experiences, every day finds and major events in order to provide you with a variety of wine and food pairings.

As the name implies, these posts will stay on the Positive side. My goal is focus on those wines and experiences that I, my family and friends enjoy. Each of our tastes are unique and I believe that we can have PostiveVines everyday!!

Remember to drink what it is that makes you truly happy and always think positively!

Drink Responsibly!

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