Fine sipping Port for the Holidays!

“Wine is bottled poetry”– Robert Louis Stevenson
While many parts of the country are still warm, most of us are beginning to think about the upcoming holiday and party season that starts with Thanksgiving and takes us through the first of the New Year. Intimate gatherings lend themselves to trying new wines with close friends and family. A slice of pie, a scoop of ice cream and a nice port wine can cap off a great evening.
Bogle winery (, with over 1600 acres in Northern California, offers an excellent ruby-red port wine with a distinctive bottle shape and bright red seal that lends itself to aging for up to 20 years.  During a recent wine tasting, I had the privilege of presenting Bogle’s Petit Sirah Port. The Petit Sirah Port presents a sweet, dark cherry nose with a hint of chocolate scent to prepare your palate for this treat.

                                                                                       Bogle Petit Sirah Port
Bogle’s Petit Sirah Port is a rich wine with fruit that has been allowed to ripen an additional month beyond the harvest time for additional sweetness. This Port is a smooth drink that may be best enjoyed as an after dinner beverage alone and with dessert. Unlike most wines that have some acidity, this wine “melts” in your mouth like a chocolate covered cherry. Like most ports, this wine has a higher alcohol content due to the fermentation process which makes it a good beverage for sipping.
PositiveVines Helpful Hint: A port wine is one that is fortified generally with brandy. The goal is to produce a very sweet wine thus the need to leave the grapes on the vines as long as possible to allow the sugars in the grapes to intensify.
Bogle’s Port was well received by the customers that I sampled this wine with. They were surprised by the smoothness of the sweet taste. At an average of less than $18 per bottle. Grab a few bottles for the holiday and consider keeping a few in storage for years to come.

Remember to drink what it is that makes you truly happy and always think positively!

Drink Responsibly!

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