My Wine Life Residential Cellar Management

Regina Jones Jackson – Guest Blogger
Founder & Principal Wine Consultant
Corks and Cuvee
Dank and dusty are words one might use to describe a wine cellar. The days of cobwebs and dusty residential wine cellars are a thing of the past.  Let me shed some light on this.
Today’s residential wine cellars are beautiful spaces designed with the homeowner in mind.
I am the owner of a wine lifestyle business. One of the services that I offer is residential wine cellar management.  I have a passion for beauty, organization and wine. Combine all 3 and this led to my creating a business enriching everyone from novices to experts in the art of collecting and storing wines for future enjoyment.
I often am asked how I turned my passion into a thriving business.
The How:  Family and close friends know that I have a love for all things wine related. In the beginning, I was a “free” lance cellar consultant (and I mean FREE). Word of mouth took over and  I was contacted by a homeowner who saw the value in my vision and services. I went from being a “free” lancer to having a viable wine cellar management business.
The Why:  I love beautiful homes and believe that organization is key to managing investments as significant as wine purchases. I am a Certified Specialist of Wine, French Wine Scholar, and WSET certified.  It is safe to say I LOVE wine and I LOVE helping homeowners fulfill their wine cellar dreams.

If you’ve ever thought about converting a special space in your home to keep your investment safe I have a few helpful hints. Having the space to build a professional grade cellar is nice but, small areas such as unused closets in a cooler part of your home work as well.

  1. Have a plan – decide what type of cellar you want. Do you want to entertain in your cellar? How can your space reflect your personality?
  2. The space should be a consistent 55 degrees with no direct sunlight.
  3. Wines should be kept still and laid down on their sides – this will prevent the cork from drying out.
  4. Do not store your wines in the kitchen – the temperature in a kitchen fluctuates and does not lend itself to aging your precious wines properly.
  5. Invest in what you like – you ultimately must drink the wines you purchase.
  6. Taste as many wines as you can before you buy.
  7. Purchase at least three bottles of any wine. Consider labeling them for special events such as 21st birthdays, graduations and future weddings.
  8. Keep records of what you have in your cellar – they have apps for this such as
  9. Variety is the spice of life – different regions and varietals make for an exciting mix of wines.
  10. Find a wine merchant you trust. A good wine merchant will let you know when there are new items in stock that you should consider adding to your collection.
  11. Add something sweet to your cellar – dessert wines are lovely.

I hope these tips are useful.  I encourage ALL wine lovers to live your BEST wine life.  I sure am J  Cheers!
Regina Jackson is a wine enthusiast, blogger and the owner of Corks and Cuvee. Corks and Cuvee is a successful wine lifestyle business based in beautiful Atlanta, GA. Regina holds multiple expert wine certifications and is available for consultation at your convenience. Visit Regina at her website