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Texas wineries and vineyards have grown since the site of the first vineyards established by Franciscan priests in 1662. With numbers ranging from 350 – 400 wineries, Texas is now the fifth largest wine producing area in the United States. Surprisingly most wines produced in Texas are still enjoyed locally. With roots in winemaking starting in Missouri, Bob Landon migrated to Texas and has established one of the fastest growing wineries in North Texas. On a recent Sunday afternoon, I had the pleasure to visit his location in McKinney with members of my family (

Landon Winery – McKinney

Landon Winery is located on the corner of Kentucky and Louisiana Avenues in downtown McKinney. Surrounded by a vibrant set of boutique shops, this urban location is inviting with an outdoor patio and ample space inside for small and large groups. This is one of 3 locations – McKinney, Dallas and Greenville. Production takes place in Greenville with grapes crushed in Ivanhoe near the Red River.

I decided to explore a variety of red wines during my visit. Starting with Meritage made from grapes in Texas, I enjoyed a classic Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. This wine is a deep ruby red color with medium tannins.

Landon Winery Merlot

The second wine that I sampled was the Merlot Reserve from Bingham, TX. Deep purple in color with ample tannins this crisp, dry, red wine featured flavors of blackberry and spices.

Tempranillo with grapes from the Texas High Plains is a red colored wine with deep cherry flavors boasting medium tannins.

The fourth wine that I sampled is an exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve from the Texas High Plains. This classic Cabernet Sauvignon has flavors of cherry, plum and vanilla. The oak aging imparted mild tannins and a fruity nose.

The last wine in the red classification is the Grande Rosso. This wine varies each harvest year as a blend of six different grape varietals. Grande Rosso has a beautiful fruity nose with mild tannins.


Each of these wines was excellent and I highly recommend that you visit one of the three wineries. The staff is engaging and extremely knowledgeable about the wines and the history of Bob Landon’s wineries. With prices ranging from $15 – $30 per bottle, Landon Winery offers a variety of selections for your drinking enjoyment. Wines can be shipped to over 35 states.

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