A taste of Italy in the beautiful mountains of Colorado Springs

“People spend their entire lives at those lower altitudes without any awareness that this high country exists” – Robert Pirsig
The history of the wild west evokes images of rugged trails, horses and adventurers mining for gold in harsh conditions. Colorado Springs is filled with that spirit of the west and breathtaking natural scenery at altitudes of 6,000 feet. Nestled in the mountains and hills is the Broadmoor Resort, a Five Star wonder that captures the spirit of the west with the best in fine dining and beverage service. In January of this year I had the pleasure of being a guest at the Broadmoor. As part of a tour of the expansive western art collection, we were treated to fine wines from around the world A glass of Elena Walch’s 2014 Lagrein matched well with the rugged spirit of the west and elegant dining of the Broadmoor (www.elenawalch.com) .

 The Broadmoor Resort

Elena Walch is an architect by trade. She married into a wine family with long ties to the Alto Adige region in Italy. Walch brought modern techniques to the winery along with a focus on sustainable farming techniques and a love of the terroir of the region. Her 2014 Lagrein wine from vineyards in the steep mountainous slopes of Tramin and Caldaro is a full-bodied red made exclusively from Lagrein grapes.
      Elana Walch Lagrein

Positivevines Helpful Hint: Lagrein grapes are native to Northern Italy. This grape produces strong, full-bodied wines with flavors of plum and cherry. The Lagrein grape is also used in blends with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
The winery uses a combination of early fermentation in stainless steel tanks followed with maturation in French Oak. Walch’s Lagrein wine has an intense aroma of chocolate, spices and berries. The taste is like Syrah with a little tartness, earthiness, acidity and tannins on the finish. This wine needs time to open. I would recommend uncorking the bottle or decanting it for at least an hour to allow the fruit and spices to present themselves before enjoying.  The acidic nature of this wine pair well with steaks and heavier cheeses. Walch’s Lagrein ages well for 4-6 years.
This wine retails around $20 and is a good selection for the Cab lover who prefers a supple red wine.
Remember to drink what it is that makes you truly happy and always think positively!
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